Le Carrousel

Address: 6 Nicolae Velescu street, sector 1
Bucharest, ROMANIA
(close to Televiziunea Romana)

Phone number

004 0745 101 783



Contact French nursery in Bucharest

contact maternelle en roumanie

Looking for the contact of French nursery in Bucharest?

Do you have a question for our French nursery?
Do you want to register to the activities our kindergarten organizes in French such as dance, music, cooking workshops or you simply want to come up with a proposal for our nursery? The Franco-Romanian team of Carrousel will answer you as soon as possible.





Parents’ opinion

My little girl loves to be surrounded by children and at Le Carrousel, she found the friends she needed. Her favorite activity is cooking and we watched with joy the pictures of her playing in the kitchen.

Corina Firon